Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Metric Auto Parts Birchwood Bump at Buck Hill Recap

The day was perfect. Mid seventies, clear skies, light breeze. Sadly, I wasn't feeling in the mood to race. All weekend it was like I forgot that I had to race come Sunday. Even as I was packing the MINI, there just wasn't any excitement or nervousness. We arrived and I got registered, thinking that would help me out. Nope.
During a warmup with Dan my legs were feeling tired just cruising on the road so I didn't think much was going to happen for me. And it didn't.
I managed my lowest finish of the series this year. 14th age, 36th overall.
The course was pretty fun. I didn't think so during the race and after, but as I look back on it now, I did enjoy it. There wasn't a ton of climbing and the rest was twisty singletrack. With some sandboxes thrown in. There were several passes across the ski hill and there were some good sized boxes of sand for us to contend. Fortunately my high psi Taurine managed to cut through the sand and I often made up time or passed people floundering in the sand. I think it helped that once I said "BRAAP BRAAP!"
While it wasn't my best race to date, I did learn from it and had fun. Dan managed his first non-podium race of the year - SHAME!
We had lots of cheerleaders: Neil, Dave, Tracy, Charlotte, Scott and Sue and my in-laws were able to make it out and hand out water, clap and yell for us - thanks you guys!
The next race is the border battle on the 24th and I'm sure I won't do well there as we'll be in Door County, WI the entire week prior to the race. And I probably won't have Dan to chase down as it sounds like he'll be at his cabin that weekend.
I'll post some pictures soon....

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  1. Any top twenties are solid - don't sell yourself short. Props for getting out there. I was thinking that it was going to be an awesome day for you guys to race when I stepped out the front door to get the paper, since it was so nice and cool. Seemed like it heated up to summer proper once your race time rolled around though.


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