Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Back on the bike

Tuesday night I hit the road with my neighbor Carlos. The last time we tried to ride he had 2 flats in less than a mile and a 3rd once we got home. This ride happened to go a lot smoother! We were strapped for daylight, so we tried to get a good workout and ride around 35 miles. We decided to head to St. Paul via the river road and hit the path along the river after the University and then hit the river road on the opposite side.
The weather was perfect - cool and a slight breeze. Our legs were feeling good and we tried to keep the pace high. There wer LOTS of bikers out. I always get a kick out of seeing others riding. I should start keeping track of how many people wave back to me though. It didn't seem like very many last night. Haters.

At one point near the end Carlos mentioned that he was dead, so I tried to ease up a bit when I was up front. Each time that I did that he came around me. I guess he wasn't as dead as he thought. He also managed to catch me off guard on 2 city signs! I'll get my revenge...

Here's our route:

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  1. Nice - I hope you treated the stairs up from the river as a runup.


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