Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BCR 2009 Planning Meeting **Updated**

I double-booked, so it's just a UFC night. Bring your fave beer and some snacks and show up around 8:45pm for one of the best fights; GSP vs BJ Penn!

You're invited to my place on Saturday the 31st for an informational meeting about the 2009 season that's ahead of us. There probably won't be too much to talk about, but there's a UFC fight that night and I figured it'd be a good ploy to get people over to watch it with me.
We can discuss kit options (carry over from '08), team competition, the new race in MNSCS, plans for the BCR Winter Olympics. We can also make for some PS3 time. I'm thinking of making an evening out of it; potluck style dinner, BYOB, winter ride at Leb, team meeting, stay for UFC if interested....

Let me know if you can make it or need directions. Feel free to forward this along.

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