Thursday, July 23, 2009

MNSCS#6 - Elk River Preview

This weekend marks the fist time that Elk River has played host to a MNSCS event. The organizer, Rich Omdahl, has taken great lengths to ensure that his course is ready for the added participants. I expect this to be one of the largest events of the series thus far. I'm guessing people will want to check out the course. Rich puts on a great event and can draw the crowds, so it should be a good time.

Elk River has had many races in the past, but nothing quite like the size that the MNSCS can draw. So to accommodate for the added racers, Rich has added some new trail to help the entry into the single track. Read the description:

This beginer loop starts in the front parking lot closest to the tar road yet far side of lot from the entrance. this runs the outside perimeter of section 1 then section two of the park property all of it being west of section 1 and 2. This will be used in the race as well.

so for Citizen Race you will start the race in the far back parking lot (though the big gate on gravel road by start and finish of loop in front lot.

Race start from back lot up the gravel road into section 1 then 2.
Instead of using the gravel road again to the front lot you will circle back to the front lot on this beginer loop single/ double track (west of 1 and 2). You pop out of the woods into the front parking lot and head for the port a pottie accross the lot then up the little hill into section 1 then 2 for finish right there in the back lot culdesack. At the end of section 2 a hard left goes to the back lot and straight will continue on into sections 3 . There are signs posted there.

You can see the a GPS of the Comp course - in action - here:

I'm excited for this race for several reasons: I love riding at Elk River, I love events that Rich puts on and BCR should have a nice compliment of riders in both the Sport and Comp class!

If you haven't yet, be sure to get your registration on right here:

Bring your fave jersey to be signed - Dr. Chad is making an appearance on the race course after a 4+ year hiatus!

See ya this weekend!

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