Sunday, March 21, 2010

First "ride" of 2010

I've been out on the bike already this year, but that was with the family and the Burley and lasted about 6 miles. It was great to get out with the family, but today was the first lengthy ride of 2010. Spur of the moment I head out for my Eagan 18 lap, which has a nice mix of rolling hills, flats and country side. The weather was nice - a little wind, clear skies and temps that warranted shorts and arm warmers. I threw on a vest just in case. It was perfect. I felt better than I expected and managed to keep the pace up on the climbs. I could feel my heartrate on the climbs, but it recovered fairly quickly afterwards. Mentally I tried to pull a Stallone and go "Over the Top" when the climbs came. I found my lungs and legs recovered well and I had a blast.
I've finally decided that I do need to get some new shoes...

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  1. Dude, if you ever want to go on a ride, I can even pick you up in my bitchin mini-van.


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