Thursday, July 24, 2008

Quick ride last night

Tracy had an appointment until later in the evening, so I didn't get out to ride right away. Instead, Charlotte and I ate dinner at Ikea (meatballs, lasagna, garlic toast, masshed potatoes, and veggies - yum!) and then we played with all the toys, jumped on beds, opened and closed drawers many times and ran through the warehouse potion. It was good clean fun - and we didn't care who was watching!

Once home, I gave Ty a call to see where he and Dan were riding. Turns out they were kinda close to my place, so I donned the BCR kit (Scott, why do I still have yours?!) and they pulled up.

We did a couple repeats of Lone Oak Rd, before wandering around in Eagan. Then we made our way to Fort Snelling and Dan and I said goodby to Ty. Dan and I then dropped down along the river and popped up at the airport. I took 494 home and Dan headed off to keep riding until 11pm I'm sure.

I didn't get out for much, but it felt good. The pace was high at times and the two Lone Oak trips were pretty hard core.

I'm hoping to get ready for the Powder Monkey this weekend. However, I don't think I'll be able to ride until Saturday, when I'm in Duluth. I'll be checking out some new trails in Piedmont.

My goal at the PM is to be near the front when we enter the singletrack. The first climb is a killer though and I'm cautious to hang at the front for fear of blowing up midrace. However, to get into the singletrack early would be a huge time saver....but then again, making good time up climbs is also a time who knows....

All this talk about racing - now I have to poop.

You can register for the race HERE.

Old PM pics.
DSC08659 082006MNSCS #8

IMG_0323 082006MNSCS #8

DSC08671 082006MNSCS #8

IMG_0351 082006MNSCS #8

DSC08633 082006MNSCS #8

DSC08644 082006MNSCS #8

IMG_0347 082006MNSCS #8

DSC08656 082006MNSCS #8


  1. Ya, we were close by because we planned it that way. Just like the peleton making the catch on the breakaway right before the finish, we pulled into your driveway just as you were about ready to go.

    I swear, everytime Tyson took a pull he was trying to drop me. That's just how he rolls I guess. :)

    Dood, you flew up Lone Oak Road! That first climb at Powder Monkey is not a killer. I say you go for the hole shot. Maybe I'll see you later on, but I have a feeling I won't.

  2. That was the pace YOU set, I swear. Except on the downhill along Barnes Ave maybe :)


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