Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wednesday night ride

I had planned on hooking up with the ride out of Penn Cycle by my place, but I got a call from Ty and we hooked up at Minnehaha Falls.

My trip TO the falls was fantastic. I was riding some big gears due to the tailwind and the passing cars along 13 weren't going by me nearly as fast as usual. It felt good. Once I started crossing the Mendota bridge, reality hit and my legs didn't feel quite as strong as I had hoped.

Ty showed up at the Depot and we got on our way. We dropped down by Fort Snelling and popped up on Post Rd. Took that to the airport and crossed 494. The wind was a pain at times, but it felt good to be working hard.

I grabbed the first city sign as we entered Eagan on 494; 1-0

Once at the top we headed left and made our way towards St. Paul on hwy 13. This stretch was nice as it was with the wind. Tyson continues to amaze on the bike. Even after a hard climb, he has power to keep it going afterwards. I'll call it his "Over the Top" style.

On the decent into Mendota, Ty grabbed the next city sign. 1-1. Nicely done. My weight on the downhill wasn't enough to catch him. I kept the pace high through town with my sights set on the next city sign - which happens to be two. I could see Ty's shadow catching me as we neared the end of town. I thought for sure he'd come around me, but then he faded and I took the two signs. 3-1

Next we climbed up to the park. By now my legs were feeling tired - exactly what I need to work on, so I tried to keep the pace up. I managed to grab the St. Paul sign as we entered the park: 4-1

After the park, we turned and headed towards Lalla's old place, which was also part of the GP ride. We turned right and headed for Eagan. Along the way Ty snuck in an attack for the Eagan sign: 4-2 Well played.

At Lone Oak and Pilot Knob we split and headed for home. It was a great ride with some good efforts up the climbs and a couple short sprints. Needless to say I slept great last night.

Thanks for the ride Ty!

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  1. My legs sure felt that ride, pedalling to work on Thursday was a lot tougher than normal. I call bullshit on counting the Mendota sign as two. And you forgot to total all of your KOM points.


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