Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Belated Happy Congratulations

In which I make an attempt to get caught up on past events by adding the words belated and sorry for not posting anything in a long time. Not that you really care....

First up - happy belated Thanksgiving. I trust that you ate a ton and had fun with family. Maybe even went for a ride. I didn't.

Next up I meant to congratulate our fellow BCR member Dan for having a wildly successful MNSCS season long ago. He managed to score himself a 2nd place finish overall this year and podiumed almsot every race he entered!

1 Jeff Colbert North Branch MN 1256 40 1031 13:13:05.4
2 Dan Inderieden Bloomington MN 1211 44 930 12:09:22.1
3 Todd Nesvold Forest Lake MN 1295 42 908 12:37:03.8

What happened at the races he didn't podium at you ask? He was late. Due to construction or a last minute decision, he managed to comletely miss his start. But still passed people and finished kinda well.

Here's Dan at the MNSCS awards ceremony back in November collecting his medal, along with a "podium girl".

Well nevermind...I don't have those photos uploaded instead, enjoy a recap of Dan's season this year.

DSC_8573 20081105mnscs1

Cable OffRoad Classic
DSC09188 20081705DAN

DSC09166 20081705cableoffroadclassic




Party Face

DSC_2020 20082009mnscs10

"You can't catch me suckas!"
DSC_2024 20082009mnscs10

DSC_2031 20082009mnscs10

DSC_2038 20082009mnscs10

And then he hit the cross races
DSC_3002 20082610greenacres

DSC_3027 20082610greenacres.jpg

DSC_3046 20082610greenacres.jpg

DSC_3429 20081115mnstatecxchamp.jpg

DSC_3448 20081115mnstatecxchamp.jpg

Congratulations Dan! It's been great having you on BCR over the years (plus, we have access to cheap cabins in WI) and I appreciate the help you've given me with the team and as a riding partner. I look forward to riding and skiing and UFC-watching and beer drinking in the future. Here's to always finding the best lines through the woods and not being late to any races next year.
DSC06706 061806MNSCS #3

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  1. Wow! Thanks for the shout. :)

    Yeah, I was 15 minutes late for Dirtspanker because a road crossing the St. Louis river was closed, giving me a nice detour! Ha, it may have been my best race of the year.

    I look forward to more riding and BCR fun too!


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