Saturday, November 22, 2008

A couple things

In case you were wondering why traffic was so bad last night, or why the airport was delaying flights, I'll be happy to inform you that The Kirby has arrived in town. 

That's right, THE Kirby is here. He's here for the holiday and is willing to do meet-n-greets or sign anything you might want.  So be sure to grab your favorite chamois and ask for the signature of your favorite celebrity.


DSC07017 062806Golf with Kirby

Also - a belated Happy Birthday to Tyson! I hope your day was well spent and you had a good time. Here are some pics of TyboTy from the years....

DSC07784 082407 Tyson crash.JPG

2006May20 MNSCS #1 DSC05824

Prescott ride before

DSC06544 061806MNSCS #3


DSC06599 061806MNSCS #3

DSC_2956 20082510greenacres

DSC03926 051807 Cable Offroad Classic.JPG

DSC03987 052607 Murphy.JPG





Tyson's been a great teammate and an even better friend. He's always up for a ride and never slows the pace when there's a hill. He and Jean are great fun to hang out with and Ty brings a great comic relief to BCR. I'm glad we met all those years ago at Afton. And I'm glad we were there all the years later when you broke your neck. Also at Afton...

Happy Birthday!

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  1. The Kirby looks just like the jersey logo. Too bad I can't meet him, as we're headed to Chi-town for turkey day.

    Happy Belated B-day Tyson. We are all so proud that you are still in one piece and doing fine!


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