Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Head it off now!

While the latest temps aren't totally taking a dive just yet, the days are way shorter and my time on the bikes has diminished significantly. Maybe if I had lights that would help....
Slowly I'm creeping up in weight and I can feel my fitness taking a nap. I'm currently at 190. While it isn't totally unreasonable, there are parts of me that are starting to show more than they used to, (I'm too tired to try to clean that statement up...) my belly. Pants are starting to get snug.

I'm vowing right now to make the effort early on to take care of it. That means:
No more cookie dough while watching tv
No more late night snacks
Try eating breakfast once in awhile
Continue hitting the gym
Focus on crunches
And start on the trainer soon

I figure if I can make an early effort now, it won't be such a difficult endeavor later when it really is cold outside.

In the coming months I'll be hosting trainer sessions in the garage once more, where we gather on a weekend morning, set up trainers and ride. There's plenty of smack talk as we pedal to nowhere and sometimes even DVDs to help pass the time. If things work well, there might even be a large screen and projector set up to help pass the time. Who's bringing popcorn?


  1. I've started the Coach Troy program already! You read my my mind!

  2. Forget the crunches. "Spot exercises" for weight loss are a myth. You must run, run, run, ski, ski, ski, bike, bike, bike.

    There's nothing special about breakfast either. Just reduce portions, avoid big huge dinner meals, and refrain from eating out (the worst). Eat slowly too.

  3. So with all that time off Adam are we going to ride every day I'm up there? You can do some intervals with me... 4hrs on Wednesday eh?

  4. I can't believe you guys are talking trainer already. The weather has been excellent for riding outside, and the fall/early winter are absolutely the best beer drinking weather there is. You have no right to be at 190 at your height anyway. I'm definitely bringing dessert when I come over.

  5. ...and by soon, that means probably January.

    I'll agree it IS great riding outside, but this cat has no lights and doesn't ride to work (my own fault of course).

  6. I'm in for trainer sessions if I get a trainer.

    Picked up some shoe covers on Saturday after watching cyclocross race. I should be riding most of the winter.

    I'm afraid to get on a scale.


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