Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An apology - sort of

Dear Cyclist,

I'd like to apologize for my driving on Monday morning, around 7am. I'm the MINI Cooper that didn't see you as you were riding on the sidewalk. I was entering the Eagan Transit Station via the right turn lane. I can't imagine why I didn't see you with all your dark clothing on. I mean, 7am is almost light enough to be wearing blacks and browns near the end of October. Silly me. Surely I must have seen the flashing headlight, or any headlight you were using to light your route.

Oh - didn't have a light.

Please, the next time you decide to ride your bike at 7am in late October do everyone around you a favor: Wear bright colors, get a light (heck tape a flashlight to your bars), and ride on the road.

The Grizz


  1. I used to totally read your blog, like every day. Then you tried to run me over during my morning ninja training session. Jeeesh! People driving around in MINIs are the biggest jerks! Peace out.

    Sincerely, The Cyclist

  2. Did "The Cyclist" appear to be Russian?

  3. That's some good stuff right there OCary. Ninjas rule!

  4. I like how loudly he yelled "HEY". It was kind of funny.


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