Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Thanks for the ride!

Carlos and Tyson made the 80 mile ride a lot of fun this past Sunday. We opted for an 8am start and already the weather was cooperating. The skies were clear and there was no need for leg or arm warmers. We all made some last minute adjustments to our steeds and got ready to go. Charlotte was out and about helping us set up and even wanted to race me. After a hub adjustment, final tire pressure check, we were ready to go.

We decided on using part of Dan's route near Prescott, WI but realized that he started and stopped there. So we made plans to ride to Prescott and then add on the needed mileage to hit our mark. We started down Rich Valley Road through Eagan and Inver Grove until we hit 145th st. There we turned left (into the wind) and meandered into Hastings. The route to Hastings was nice and flat and offered a shoulder. At Hastings we joined up with highway 61 to cross the river.

Once across the river we turned on highway 10 and aimed for Prescott. The wind was still around and the road offered some hills, but the scenery more than made up for it. The majority of the leaves are turning and very few trees are still green. The route was fairly quiet traffic-wise.

Prescott is a cool little town and I think it'd be fun to walk around and see what the little shops have to offer. Shortly after leaving Prescott we were greeted with a climb. It was pretty long and I felt it in my legs as I probably started a little harder than I should have earlier. The passing car clubs (Studebaker, Miatas, Mercedes) on their fall color drive distracted me enough as I headed for the peak.

There were a few big climbs, but otherwise the rest of the route was rolling and afforded some nice views, the river included. It wasn't long before we were close to hitting 40miles. Soon this was going to be Carlos' longest ride. Ever. There was a farm that was at about mile 38 so it was decided we'd continue on to 40, turn around and replenish water and ride the wind home.

The staff at HappEHill Farms were wonderfully polite. Several members made sure to strike up a conversation with us and wished us a speedy return. Thanks guys.

It was quite the speedy return as the wind had picked up, but was now at our backs. Plus, we got to descend the long-ass climbs. This was fun and I think the fastest recorded mph was 46. We got back to Prescott and stopped for a bit of lunch and ate outside along main street. Very cool place and good food. Getting back on was a bit stiff, but we soon worked out the bugs and were headed back into Hastings. Here the wind wasn't so nice, nor was it while we made our way to Rich Valley Road. But once we hit the home stretch, it was at our backs again and we were able to move along very nicely. Carlos was in all new ride territory now as every mile that ticked over just added to his longest ride ever and he was stoked.

Soon we about to make the last turn for home and I heard a yell from just behind me. It was Carlos hitting the 80mile marker on his odometer. Once back home we dismounted and were greeted by Tracy and Charlotte while Carlos broke out the celebratory brews.

It was a great ride. No flats, no crashes, no bonks and no traffic issues. We had lots of laughs and several sprints for city signs - with Tyson taking all but one. I had a blast. Carlos is already talking about next year's ride. Maybe a century?? We'll see....

Some stats from the ride:

  • Total Distance: 80.19 mi

  • Total Time: 4:42:39

  • Avg Pace: 3.31/mi

  • Avg Speed: 17.0mph

  • Max Speed: 48mph

  • Total Calories: 5310

  • Avg Heart Rate (Carlos): 150bpm

  • Max Heart Rate: 186bpm

  • Total ascent: 4493ft

  • Total descent: 4489ft

Thanks Ty for the pics and Carlos for the GPS readout and stats!


  1. Very nice! You guys just a longer ride than I've done all year. :(

    Ahh, but you just dipped your toes into the beautiful roads of Pierce County. You could've turned north on County Rd. E near the farm, and then hit some backroads coming back to Prescott. Oh well, there might still be time for more riding in Wisconsin this year....

  2. Ha - I remember seeing the signs for Cty Rd. E and thought you had mentioned it before. I think next time a start/stop in Prescott is called for.


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