Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shoe Quiz

The other day I found myself daydreaming about shoes. Not just any shoes, mostly shoes from my high school days. I remember I had some crazy weird RED adidas that I had no idea how to match up with any of my clothes, but yet I wore them anyway. Remember Reebok Pumps? Hightops? 3/4 tops? What about those little friendship pin thingies...yeah - I had none to put on my shoes.

To help bring you along in my daydreaming, I've created this simple little shoe quiz. Check out the pics below and then enter the brands into the form after the pictures. See how well you know your shoes.

Shoe #1

Shoe #2

Shoe #3

Shoe #4

Shoe #5

Shoe #6

Shoe #7

Shoe #8

Shoe #9

Shoe #10


  1. Remember Imelda Marcos?

    I just named the brand. You wanted the model too?

    I'm known for having lots of old shoes, all of which are in crappy condition.

  2. wasn't she hot? I can't remember.
    brand is fine - you got 8 out of 10

  3. Oh, I said asics for one instead of reebok. Duh.

    Your history lesson for today: Imelda Marcos was the wife of the Philipines Leader/Dictator Fernidad Marcos. She briefly took over leadership when he died. Anyway, she was much maligned for her extravagances, especially when there was so much poverty in her country. People found out that she was a huge shoe-hoarder. She had thousands of pairs of expensive shoes.

  4. Yeah - and the Reebok pic said Reebok in it...

    That's right!

  5. What no British Knights? We must've grown up in totally different circles. And where are the bike shoes? You obviously grew up on platforms.

    Some notables you missed:
    Original Nike waffle soles (rent Pre for a cool insight).

  6. Next time you make a quiz make sure the answers don't pop up when you float your mouse over the image :)

  7. OMG British Knights - good one!

    Bike shoes could be another one. At the time of my daydreaming, it was purely shoes in the halls of school.

    I did notice the answers - apparently it didn't help Dan.


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