Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Too Little Too Late?

I figured that I better get to work on preperations for the BCR Smackdown, so I finally sat on the bike last night and rode for 30 minutes. Top Gear on mute listening to an iPod really helps the time fly by.
For the BCR Smackdown, I realize that I'm going to need all the help I can get, as Wiken is quite the beast on the bike. He's got some strong legs and lungs and can keep pushing for the entire race. While I tend to fizzle and don't seem to have much endurance (or crash right after the start).
So my focus for this late training session will be on endurance and focus. Trying to maintain a good pace for the entire race distance.

On a good note, my weight is down by about 7lbs from this same time last year:

One more thing that I think can help me score points against Wiken will be the technical courses. I seem to have an advantage on him there.

We'll see!


  1. Add some mud, roots and rock!!!! Total domination!

  2. My weight isn't even on that chart... I would wait for an up hill Marc.


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