Thursday, April 30, 2009


BCR Paper Plate Shootout Invitational Details

Due to weather, keep an eye on MORC for the latest trail conditions. If it's too wet the event will be post-poned/canceled.

When: Saturday, May 2nd 8am. Arrive earlier for a race meeting at 7:45.
Where: Salem Hills (click for a map)
How Much: Free!

As stated in the original email, this event is free and very loosely organized. It's important for you to know that the course is open for any riders. This will not happen on a closed course, so don't be a jerk to other riders who may be out riding. Registration will be at the black Jetta, first come first served. Timing will be by a battery operated clock and final timing will be posted at There will be a short prologue lap.
Two race groups:
Novice - 2 laps - 9.2 miles
Advanced - 4 laps - 18.4 miles

Start times will vary slightly depending on the turnout.
Small: everyone starts at the same time.
Large: Advanced first.

We will be using an honor based timing system. This means you race the number of laps you signed up for and record it on the the "Timing" sheet that will be displayed on the black Jetta.
Example: #001 1:20
We will pull the results together and post them on

Things to remember while you're racing:
Be courteous
Don't cut the course
Announce your passes
Be courteous

The race course will be discussed at 7:45am. We'll go over the distances, trail etiquette, and start/finish/laps.

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