Wednesday, May 6, 2009

BCR Paper Plate Shooutout Invitational Results

The morning started off with 3 pieces of french toast with peanut butter and syrup. Next up I ran around trying to find all my gear. I guess the last time I used my long sleeve jersey I left it in some backpack/bag to fester and smell nice, so I had to dig around for my arm warmers. I had the stopwatch ready. Bike was set. The time was approaching quickly as to when Scott would arrive to give me a ride.
Once we got loaded up, we took off. One last call to Wiken to ensure that I didn't need to bring anything else and we were considered on our way.
As we drove up to the parking lot, there were other cars! We also spotted Tybo Ty hanging in the Jetta and Wiken running around in only his bib shorts (not really...). Wiken informed us that the we were the lucky 4! The other cars were there but he hadn't seen anyone with a bike. We unloaded and asked Ty and Scott to work registration and parking while Marc and I marked the course. After several explanations of how the course was going to go, it was clear Wiken had no idea. We set up cones for the lap and flags for the prologue. My stop watch managed to be about 10-12 minutes slow, which was okay, as it was reading a couple minutes to 8am. Perfect time to get underway.
The three of them hungout in the designated start box and I stayed by the watch, doing the countdown.
As the group made their way to me, I joined up and we were underway.
I knew that this race counted for something in the BCR Smackdown Challenge, so I wanted to do what I could to come out ahead of Wiken. My strategy was to suck his wheel and see if I could hang on. As we entered the singletrack, the order was Wiken, Ty, me, Scott. After the first turn I think Ty was trying to block me...or else he was just having flashbacks to Afton and weaving back and forth in the trail, In case he was having flashbacks, I didn't want to be in the way, so I went around him and settled into position with Wiken. The pace was good, but I found myself wondering if I could hold it for 4 laps. In my peripheral I could see Ty hanging on a bit back and occassionally Scott too. As we entered the wooded section at the southern most part of the course, I found myself closing any sort of gap and thought to myself that if I needed to make up (or put on) any time, this could be a place to do it. I hung on until we hit the course-option rock. Wiken went left and I took the rock placing me in front.
I tried to keep the pace and could tell I was able to create a small gap in the Northern Loop as it gets tight and twisty - another spot to gain/add time? Yes.
I led for the 2nd lap and after awhile Wiken started talking to me, so I figured my pace must be slower than the first time around....sometimes I still see Ty behind us for the 2nd lap. Lap three starts and I pass my other water bottle. Next time I think to myself. Wiken goes around me as we start #3 and instantly there's a gap. I try to close it, but can't. He seems to be pushing hard. Little areas that I told myself I could make up time didn't seem to be working. Would Wiken be getting the first kudos in the BCR Smackdown Challenge? Seems like. I tried to press on. As we hit the North Loop I found myself getting closer. A couple more turns and he's within striking distance. I keep the RPMs high and keep pushing. I'm on him and we're headed to the lap area of the course. We both stop and trade bottles and chat for maybe 10 seconds.
Now it's on to lap 4. I take the lead and try to psych myself up for a sprint to the finish. Fortunately it's not likely to be that type of finish, as there's a gap between us right away. I smile. However, a short time later, I see Ty coming. Nicely done I think to myself. Then I notice that Ty is between Wiken and myself. Uh oh.
Not much I can do as Ty catches and passes me. I try to hang on, but it hurts. I can see Ty's sweat trail in the dirt, so I know he's working hard. Pretty good for a guy who just broke his neck....
We hit the prairie sections and I curse the wind and try to get aero. Just before the North Loop there's a "hill" and I know that there's little chance of me catching Ty there. It has to be inside the North Loop. I hit the RPMs again and try to do my best singletrack riding, but Ty's on a mission. I hit the pavement for the home stretch and I see him dismounting to grab the clock. I do the same and log in about 17-20 seconds behind. Later Wiken comes in with Scott just behind him.
Excellent time everyone! I had a blast.
Way to go Ty on the win - not bad for a guy who broke his neck....

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