Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Breaking News!!

I've been waiting to post this for a bit, but I'm proud to announce that something special has happened with BCR. For the last couple of months I've been in talks with a major company about the acquisition of BCR. That's right. It started awhile back when I met a rep at a trade show and we began talking about the product. He noticed my BCR shirt and soon the topic shifted to what it was, how it started, etc. After about 30 minutes I left with his business card and a request to email him in a week. I did and he brought up that he liked the idea of what BCR was and wanted to work out a deal with me. They wanted to bring BCR under their wing and help grow the team nationally. After several long phone discussions and email exchanges, I'm happy to announce....BCR has been bought by Pacifica!!

I know there may be lots of questions, so I'll try to answer some here:

What does that mean for BCR?
Well, we now have a "parent company" that is willing to provide us with advertising and support that was once unimagineable to us.

Will we still have team rides?

Do we get free bikes?

As a perk to having a parent company we'll have team vehicles, trailers, mechanics and access to Pacifica bikes at all Toys R Us and other department stores. PLUS - they're going to send out a newsletter! We're also in talks about having a touring stage show that would chronicle BCR's rise to power. This would mean all sorts of public appearances and autograph sessions - cool! Maybe even tv spots?!

Of course, nothing will change. BCR will maintain it's small team, rider oriented feel.

I hope you're as exicted about this as I am. There are going to be some great things to come from this!

The Grizz


  1. Dood - I thought you hooked us up with a sweet beer sponsor! but that would have been PacificO.

    We could bring some south of the border flavor to midwestern cycling.

  2. I was hoping we would be bought by GM, like Specialized, then my (likely) new bike would be equipped with OnStar and I could get it for super-cheap.

    And for South of the border brew, I vote for Negro Modello.

  3. Tecate is the best, been there and their factory is cleaner than a hospital!

  4. that was stupid!

    J/k. April fools

    That was really funny

  5. I think the "labels: april fools joke" was a bit of a giveaway.

  6. Oh - cuz up until then it was believeable?!


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