Monday, April 28, 2008

An Iron Man I'm not

Yesterday was the season-opener race with Theron that is the Ironman Bicycle ride in Lakeville, MN. In usual goodness there was breakfast at Theron's; waffles (w/peanut butter) and cripsy bacon. A taped Paris-Roubaix got us excited as we readied ourselves for what was sure to be a cold day.

My morninng started shortly after 5am as I rolled out of bed, trying to find my cold weather clothes in the dark. You see, just for this ride, the temps dropped about 35 degrees and snow came the day before. The forecast for this morning was to start out at 29 and get to 45 by 3pm. Now where did I see me booties?

After gathering my gear by the light of my phone, I headed to the garage to get my bike ready. Tyson was coming to pick me up this dark, cold, glorious morning. I rummaged through the garage and found all my stuff; earmuffs, booties, and long fingered gloves.

I had my bag packed and food ready to go. I decided to continue my poaching streak, but better myself by not partaking in the food at the stops.

Tyson arrived and I was actually ready to go (thanks for being a few minutes late Ty!). We jumped in the Golf and headed to the above-mentioned breakfast while cracking jokes about the temperature.

As we readied our bikes, we were now noticing how cold it really was. But soon enough we were on our way. The question was brought up as to how far we were willing to go. For me, this was going to be my longest ride by far, so I yelled 62! Theron directed the same question to Ty, who thankfully responded with 62 as well. Whew. We made the turn and noticed that there were CONSIDERABLY more people doing our ride than the 100. I think when we split off, I saw 3 people headed for the century.

The ride was going okay. For Ty and myself. Theron had a cramp in his knee that was buggin' him quite a bit. Later on we saw 2 guys walking their bikes and I noticed the chain on one was broken. Ty had a tool, so we headed back and we got them up and running again. I like to think that I saved their lives, as they might have froze to death walking. This way, I got them back on their bikes to stay warm.

By the time the fist rest stop arrived things were feeling okay; toes, face, fingers seemed to be around "normal" operating temperatures. Ty and I hung out while Theron got his bike adjusted.

As we left the first rest stop - which should be closer than the current 28 miles it's at - we were with a large group. Things were going well and then Theron decided his knee was feeling better and he went around the group. As we hit the rollers, Ty gapped me and I was starting to feel my legs - not in a good way. I managed to keep the two T's in sight up the road and started to close the gap a bit by the time the second stop got close. Theron came back to see how I was doing and missed a city sign in the process. Ty gave several victory salutes while we laughed and applauded his "effort".

The mileage was flying in now. We were only about 16 miles from the end or so and the sun was coming out. The wind wasn't nearly as bad as it's been in the past and parts of the road were new. The usual "head-wind death march" wasn't all that bad (maybe it's because I was tucked in with the two T's) and went mych faster than year's previous. We were making good time towards the end and as we entered Lakeville, Theron's race began. He put the hammer down and left us behind. My legs were getting a bit more tired and I was managing, but not at all like I had hoped to ride it. But, the last little climb to the school was finally in sight and we were done.

Back at the car we agreed that the clothing choice worked out well. With the occassional chill at the stops, the layers proved to be just right. Changing outside was another story! The sun was shining, but it was still mighty cold out.

We parted ways and Ty took me home after a good day on the saddle. I finished up my evening with some water and stretching at the gym. Today I'm happy to report that I'm not all that sore. I can tell that I rode, but I can also walk normal.

Thanks for the ride guys!

Numbers of note:
Starting temp (best guess): 29 degrees
Finishing temp (bank sign): 35 degrees
Starting weight (after waffles): 199
Finishing weight (at the gym): 194.3
Miles ridden: 62
Energy Gels consumed: 4
Water drank: not enough - maybe 20 ounces?
Sprints won: zero


  1. so every week a little farther right? 75 next Saturday?

  2. Sounds like fun. Wish I could have made it.


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