Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cool riding

So this Sunday was a good day for riding. I almost made a ride with Dan on Saturday afternoon, but realized that we had friends coming over sooner that I thought and had some cleaning up to do. So Dan came over and tried on the sizing kits from Champion. It would have made for an interesting ride because it was snowing. But it didn't happen for me.

Instead, I hooked up with Theron in the afternoon on Sunday and he came to my house and we rode the Eagan 18. It was a bit windy and chilly, but not chilly enough to get toes numb. We rode a decent pace and Theron LOVED the hills, he he. As we started the long climbs on Cliff road, we met a guy riding his Cannondale T500 and he looked like he had seen some miles. Turns out it was his only mode of transportation at the moment and he had already logged 1600 miles this year. 1600!! He was an interesting fellow to talk to and I was glad we took the time to chat. I'm sure Theron was too, cuz it took most of the first climb.

As we neared home, one of the streets has the speed limit radar sign so we kicked it down to see if it would pick us up. Sure enough and we posted 32 into a headwind. I think Theron was still accelerating. That finished the ride for us and we took it easy back home.

The sun was out and there weren't any clouds. It was a great to be riding instead of working.

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  1. Interesting ride indeed. About 1 mile after leaving your place I got a flat, and after getting the new tube up to maybe 70 PSI my mini-pump broke (Crank Bros). I made it home OK on a soft rear tire. I actually rode pretty hard, and with that wind I was pretty tired. That's spring riding for ya.

  2. That's hardcore! I totally would have called for a ride....

  3. I don't think my Vespa can even do 30mph, congrats. It wasn't a 25 zone was it?


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