Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A slight slump

The past weekend was gorgeous outside. Sunny, barely a breeze and warm. I didn't make it out on the bike. At all. There were offers, but my schedule just didn't allow it. Meanwhile, Scott and Theron hammered out a sweet ride.

However, Monday after work I finally hooked up with my neighbor for a ride. He and his wife recently got bikes and last year I managed to help him with some minor adjustments and repairs, but we never managed to hit the road.

Last night I introduced him to the Eagan 18 loop and we cruised along pretty well. The conversation was good and the wind was a bit stiff. Enough to make the flats a bit of a workout.

We finished in about an hour and are looking forward to more rides.

I did manage to make it to the gym over the weekend for a quick workout:
Leg extension

My lowerback hasn't bothered me at all after a ride, which I'm attributing to my increased focus on those muscles. Or maybe I just haven't been on the bike for a long ride yet.....

Weight: 195

My overall mood towards training is waining a bit. I like to be out riding, but when I want to tell myself to actually push it, I'm just not that interested. I also ate some tiny cookies last night after dinner. Normally that doesn't happen. Maybe I'm overtraining! ha. I'm hoping it's just a couple days phase and I'll be back to being more motivated very soon.

For fun:
Check out what a search on Google Images for "silly bikes" returns.


  1. Oh - I like anagrams too!


  2. Buck up Grizz. It's been a long tough winter, but spring is finally here.

    I think the key to motivation is having goals and plans. Maybe those goals are just 'ride XXX miles a week' or 'show up for XXX group rides' or 'get ready for XXX event'. Go back to your "happy place" with riding the bike first to set those plans. I also find motivation in envisioning where my next ride will be as a way to set goals, as I really like to explore and find new challenges.

    I will say that my experience with having kids and such is that your life gets chopped up into smaller windows of free time. Unfortunately, this hurts the social part of biking the most. No more just calling up the buddies spur of the moment and hanging out for as long as you want. That's partly why I end up doing 90% of my riding solo.

    But, I've also learned that coming up with plans ahead of time and communicating them to your spouse beforehand is the only way to go. You'll probably be surprised how understanding Tracy will be to accomodating your plans.

    C'ya out there.

  3. I can't beleive that "Silly Bikes" did not turn up one photo of someone in a BCR Jersey!

  4. Slight Slump - I thought you were talking about how often you post to this blog.


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