Saturday, April 5, 2008

Thanks Ty

I was bummed that I was unable to attend Wiken's ride this morning as the weather looked to be the best of the season so far and the route and pace looked to be a good workout.
At about 2pm I decided to head out on my Eagan 18 loop:
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Since I hadn't checked my phone all morning I thought I would before I left.
1 voicemail. It was Ty. I called him back. No answer. No problem, so I changed and got ready to go. In the meantime Ty called back and said he was lookin to ride and he was ready to go right now. Perfect.

We agreed to meet at Minnehaha and decide where to go from there. The temp outside was about 60 with 7mph winds. The ride to Minnehaha was fantastic (mostly cus there's a long downhill) and I think I saw a dozen people on bikes before I met up with Ty.

When I met Ty he was sportin his new ride and it looked sharp! I drooled over the new bike and fondled the SRAM shifters. Dead Sexy. And Ty's new shoes and helmet looked stellar. We left the Falls and decided to head to St. Paul via Summit. The riders were out in full force. It was amazing. Everyone was out riding today. Kids, parents, team members, families with Burleys, trail-a-bikes, BMX, mountain, recumbants, anything and everything was out. The hands were waving and the heads were nodding. It was great to see so many bikes out enjoying the weather.

You would think that since Ty broke his neck that it would have set him back a bit - no way. The dude is coming back just as strong. I managed to put a gap on him climbing the Smith Bridge, but after we got to the top he was off like there wasn't even a hill anywhere near him. Or maybe it was his new bike? Either way he's still fast. Maybe next time I'll try the Vulcan Nerve Pinch when he passes me.

We cruised along 13 back to the Mendota Bridge and that where we split up. I had a great headwind the rest of my way home. I kept the pace up though and made the Fat Tire (that Ty bought!) taste even better once I got home.

So Ty - thanks for the ride. But mostly thanks for the Fat Tire.


  1. A 2 person ride and you're dropping each other. I love it!

    We missed y'all on the west side 50 miler.

  2. Good Work Gentlemen!

  3. No, thank YOU. Got me out of a construction project at the house, and I got to play around on my (new) bike.
    Fitness is a long way off though, I almost did not make it up the Davern St. Hill after only an hour of riding. Oof.


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