Monday, June 23, 2008

9% times 7

It seems I've been able to keep my weight down around the mid 180s lately:

This weekend I had to miss the next MNSCS race in Duluth and decided I should work on my conditioning a bit. The Ramsey Hill Challenge proved that I could handle the climbing aspect. My goal on Sunday was to do something similar to the RCH, but with an emphasis on recovery. So after Charlotte went down for a nap I jumped on the Bianchi and headed down hwy 13 to Lone Oak Rd. From 13, Lone Oak pitches it's pavement at you with a 9% grade on it's way to Pilot Knob. I figured this would be sufficient for me to tackle multiple times. I scouted out the climb initially and found a relief after the initial climb and then a slight rise again before hitting Pilot Knob. Just before Pilot Knob there was a school with a parking lot, so I decided that would be my turnaround spot.

I tried a couple different workouts on the way up; seated, standing and spinning.

I was surprised at how much slower I felt when I tried to spin it out as opposed to standing. However, my heartrate and breathing were much higher when I was standing. I didn't feel as worked like when I was standig at the RHC. Of course it's not as steep as Ramsey....
Whatever strategy I was using on the way up I maintained it to the parking lot and began my recovery ASAP. After the first two or so, I found myself recovering very quickly with both lungs and legs.
Some clouds rolled in and dropped some rain on me after the 5th climb, so I bailed and headed for home after number 7.
All in all it felt like a good workout. I'm hoping it'll benefit me for the Mankato race as I don't really enjoy the first climb there (although I dislike Afton way more than Mankato).

Kudos to Dan for racing at the Dirt Spanker despite being late! I hear he was 15 minutes late or so and jumped in anyway and still managed to make some passes. Very nice!

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