Friday, June 6, 2008

Blackdog TT

Men Stock Results (16 racers)
Place Rider Club Time
1 Gregory LaVick Synergy 16:06.0
2 Ray Coyle GrandStay 16:10.0
3 Adam Emanoff BentCrank 17:05.0
4 Mike Stensrud Loon State 17:10.0
5 Scott Cave Silver Cycling 17:10.0
6 Seth Iverson U/A 17:21.0
7 Morison Hall U/A 17:31.0
8 Sascha Boecker U/A 17:49.0
9 Matt Wilson GearWest 17:52.0
10 Dan Inderieden BentCrank 17:56.0
11 David Smith Silver Cycling 18:02.0
12 Raul Sanchez U/A 18:08.0
13 David Olson U/A 18:23.0
14 Paul Krafthefer Kenwood 19:20.0
15 Carlos Seoane U/A 19:43.0
16 Aaron Pidde Silver Cycling 20:11.0

I had no idea that I'd be this competitive when I rolled off the start line. I guess the "training" is kinda working!

Or maybe it was the sock I had on my left foot....(check out slide #84)

You can see my neighbor in slide #83. This was his first race. Ever. And he performed very well. He beat his goals and managed to repass a guy just before the line.

Dan is pictured at #94 with his usual workin' hard expression.

After this result, I'm kinda bummed that I'll be missing the Afton Race this weekend. I'll be in Duluth for a wedding. However, it seems as though I'm leaving the Comp class in good hands as Dan, Wiken and Lalla seem poised to sport the orange.

Good luck guys!

I forgot to add that this past Sunday was the BCR Ramsey Hill Challenge. The goal: Ride up Ramsey Hill as many times as you could in an hour. Dan did his ride on Saturday while Ty and I rode Sunday.

We were all fairly close with the number of times up. Ty clocked 13, while Dan and I managed 14. It turned out to be easier than I thought it was going to be. The rather lengthy decent afforded a nice time to recover.

Keep your eyes open for the 2nd installment later in the year. Will we be able to better ourselves?


  1. Congrats, I guess the rumors were true. In the Olympics you'd stand on the podium with that finish!

  2. Great effort! The Taurine is gonna be jealous, though - it's gonna want to Go Go Go when you hit the start line next.


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