Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wednesday Night Race Pace

Not too long ago I decided to make myself available for team rides Monday and Wednesday. Monday is going to be easy, relaxed and possible recovery rides. Wednesday is going to be more hardcore - race pace.

Yesterday I had planned to ride from my house, but things got botched as I had to mow my in-law's yard. I didn't get started as soon as I had hoped, so Dan agreed to meet me as I finished mowing and we would leave from Bloomington. It was about 6:45 as we finally got rolling out of the driveway. I had anticipated about 25-30 miles of intense riding - this is Dan after all.

We started out going pretty good and talking. The pace felt good so I pushed up a couple of the climbs. We're only going about 30 miles, I'll be fine. As we kept going I realized that each turn got us farther and farther from home and didn't seem to be heading home anytime soon. I started to back off a bit so I could make it home.

As we rolled across 212 I opted to hit Pioneer Trail and take directly home. We did and I got my first taste of Highland Park. We rolled back up the drive way about 9pm and guessed about 40 miles. The whole time the pace was pretty high and Dan did a great job of towing me along when needed.

I jumped on the scale afterwards and....get this...a record low for me this year....182.1!! Dan saw it.

This is great news and I can't wait to get on the Taurine and tear up some single track!

We were both wearing the new BCR kits and we looked pretty PRO.
FYI - the XL kits are faster. Downhill.

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