Thursday, February 7, 2008

I made it to the gym

Tonight after picking Charlotte up from daycare and Trace from the bus stop, we headed to Big Bowl to grab some Chinese food to celebrate the Chinese New Year. After eating and playing with Charlotte, I put her to bed and then packed my bag for the gym. It really is a shame I don't get there more as it is literally minutes away.

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Once inside I weighed myself and got to business. Here's how it went down:

Weight: 203
Height: 6'1"

Workout consisted of:
lat pull downs
bench press
leg extensions
leg press
upright row
leg lifts

Food for the day:
2 cookies
2 pb&j sandwiches
1 can cherry coke
32oz water
Thai basil beef w/white rice

No cardio. Yet.

This weekend might be packed, but maybe I'll try to get out on the skis, or drag melloyellobrook out for some dry land training


  1. Weights - ugh. Cardio, cardio, CARDIO! I think I'm gonna play some hockey tonight.

    Interested in the Bike Swap in Blaine on Sunday?

    And why hast wiki forsaken us?

  2. But I need to be able to hold myself up!

    Not so much the bike swap - how about skiing?

  3. Skiing would be fun. But it sounds like it's going to turn brutal on Saturday afternoon. I could be game though.

  4. What's a leg extension and leg lift?

    I'm trying to fine-tune my workout routine for when I don't have to spend all my time waving my arm around, and can focus on some other areas of the body.

    I don't have time to ride the trainer today, so I took that stairs to work. I work on the 24th floor.

    Dan - I'm planning on being at the swap, and if is anything like the last few years, I'll try and get there for the start.

  5. leg extension = lifting weight with your legs while seated

    leg lift = using a stand to hold myself off the ground by my forearms/elbows and raising my legs from 0-90 degrees

    24th floor with only stairs?! sounds like an event for the next BCR party!

  6. Cool Ty. I think I'm going to show up with a buddy of mine, so I'll see you there.

    Maybe you can find some high tech carbon bits to attach to yourself for stength. "We can rebuild him. We can make him stronger than before ... Na-na-na-na-na".


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