Thursday, February 28, 2008

More time in the saddle!

Tonight was a pretty good night. Got home from work, had dinner, fed Charlotte, played with Charlotte, put her to bed. Tracy went to the gym and I turned on TiVo and jumped on the Road Machine. I was able to hold pace with Rubiera as he flattened out Mount Hamilton in the 3rd stage of the Tour of California. Not to be outdone by Hamilton after the climb, I grabbed his wheel on the way down and held on to him and Robert while we stayed away from the peleton to finish about 20 seconds up. It was a hard day, but my legs were actually liking it and I felt good afterwards.

After all my interviews and pictures, I jumped in the MINI and headed out to the gym for some more workouts. Once there I did:


Water: ~55oz

Weight: 200 (even if I had the large weight at 200 and the small at zero, or the large weight at 150 and the small at 50)

Right now I feel really good. There's a spring in my step and I actually want to go out and ride some more - maybe some hills?!

PS - I've decided that TyboTy rides like Levi. Low on the bike, hardly stands up and doesn't move his upper body much. I guess if you're going to be compared to somebody, it may as well be Levi.

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  1. I thought it was just the hair.

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