Thursday, February 21, 2008


So yeah, training is great...
I'd like to think that I'm not so easily distracted and can stay focused on something for awhile, but the last week or so has shown me that other things are getting the better of me. I feel I'm doing better about staying hydrated and not drinking as much pop (the case of Cherry Coke is finally finshed). Sleeping has never been an issue. It's just finding time to get on the bike. I won't go into all of my distractions, but I will show one big one:


She commands so much attention - and how could I NOT want the chance to run around the house, hide under pillows, tickle her and listen to her laugh?!

I'll be going to the gym tonight and attempting a ride on the bike. Maybe I'll bring the Taurine inside so I see it more....


  1. Well, she goes to bed around 8pm, go for night rides! ;-) Or are you to busy in the sauna?

  2. But I need lights for a night ride!

  3. Got my gym workout and trainer ride in. :)


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