Monday, February 25, 2008

Sticking to it

Tonight was pretty busy with family, but I managed to sneak off to the gym for a quick workout. I was feeling pretty tired and almost didn't go, but once there I felt better. I did a pretty abbreviated workout which consisted of the following:

leg extensions
lat pulldowns
wall sits
about 80 various crunches
lowerback and some time stretching

small steak
baked potato
green beans

cheeseburger/fries from cafeteria

Oatmeal with raisins

I probably drank about 30oz of water for the day.

Weight: 200lbs

I managed to ride the Road Machine this past weekend. Granted it was a short time, but I was racing against Levi and Boonen in the Tour of California Prologue. I'm now almost done with Stage 1. TiVo rocks.

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  1. so you rode the Road Machine for like 4 minutes?


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