Friday, February 22, 2008

A new direction?

Dinner was bagged stir-fry with rice.
I managed about 35oz of water during the day.

Last night I made it to the gym for a workout (gasp):

leg extensions
upright row

It was a quick workout as it was late in the evening and closing time was approaching. But it felt good. The time before I focused on stretching, abs and lower back. I'm going to try to incorporate this into my "schedule" more, as I felt pretty good afterwards.

The good news was when I stepped on the scale. I actually had to move the large slider over to the left so that it occupied the 150 slot! The small slider then made it's way to the right side to register in at 49. That's 199.

With my time on the bike tonight, I'm hoping to start more of a habit of mixing up the gym and bike.

So far so good!


  1. I don't buy the water argument. I lose a crapload of fluid per day (especially when excercising) and have never noticed that I felt significantly different on the days I drank a lot vs. the days I drank very little H20.

    Good thoughts on the gym, though. With the PT I'm doing for my shoulder, I have noticed a huge benefit with stretching, as I have started to work in some core excercises with my required arm waves. That has started to feel really good.

  2. I'm glad you and Mello have blogs now. I can comment all I want, without the need to start my own blog. If Wiki would post more, I could have been blogging all along. Same with Shame.


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