Monday, February 18, 2008

Still no more bike time

It's set up in front of the tv, ready to go, but I've only been on it the one time. I'll be honest, I'm scared to get on again. I only have a limited number of shorts and I'd hate to get the legs spinning and bust the seams on another pair of shorts. That's really the reason..

However, I did spectate at Pugfest this past weekend and get psyched to ride, so I'll get up there this week. I have to. Melloyellobrook is riding almost everyday with Coach Troy.

Say, Coach Mike, can you come push me?!

Here's one of the things I've been spending my riding time on:


  1. HA haa! Yeah, I'll be busting out of my cube job any moment now.

  2. Ride your bike... I did 91 miles yesterday and 36 today.

    Don't let me Shame you in my first Mt. bike race back.

  3. Uh oh - when's that supposed to happen?

  4. 6 posts and no mention of the baby? At least this year you have an excuse to be out of racing shape at this point in the season!


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